Dienst + Dotter Antikviteter

This tour was created for Introspective Magazine - a division of 1stDibs.com Check out the New York showroom full of Scandinavian antiques and one-of-a kind pieces. Learn more about the space in the full article here.

Modern Lakehouse

This stunning lakehouse in Delton, Michigan was captured for the listing agent to be able to market the house and provide a "virtual open-house" from a distance. Check out the 360 views from the dock!


Before & After

One of the first 3D tours we created, was of a restaurant and event space known as Local Kitchen & Bar in Ferndale, Michigan. Recently, the restaurant was reinvented (and renovated) and is now called The Corner. The event space was turned into Detroit Axe, an axe throwing venue. Check out the space before and after the renovation.


Car Condo

You have never seen a garage quite like this... This is one of the 250 private car condos in the M1 Concourse in Pontiac. The space houses 3 luxury sports cars (with room for more) and includes an upper level with track views, full bathroom, kitchen, entertaining space and a Murphy bed for those nights when you just need to be with your cars. The recently opened car community is an auto enthusiasts' playground. Check out more info here.

Here's an example of the new 360 images we offer:

Three Squared

We recently had the opportunity to capture a unique space in Detroit. Three Squared Inc. has built a model center on Trumbull that will serve as the basis for their upcoming developments. The space may look like yet another modern urban dwelling, but what sets it apart are the materials used to construct the building: recycled shipping containers! The main 2-unit building is created from 6 shipping containers and each of the 3 floors have a shipping container patio/balcony for a total of 9 containers (or Three Squared...). What is really amazing is that it doesn't have a overly industrial feel. In fact, the space has a warmth and hominess to it that comes from the detail in the finishes. 

 Three Squared Model Center exterior

Three Squared Model Center exterior

The model center is finished and they expect to break ground shortly on their next multi-unit project. The benefits of shipping container construction include shorter construction time (the model was framed in just over 6 hours), sustainable materials, durability, energy efficiency, lower cost, and more. Watch the Detroit skyline for the next Three Squared development - it may just pop up overnight!

 Three Squared Model Center on Trumbull in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood

Three Squared Model Center on Trumbull in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood