1. By accessing this website and/or engaging in business with PLAC3D, you ("client") agrees to and understands the following Terms & Conditions.
  2. PLAC3D is a division of Brett Mountain Photography, LLC.
  3. "PLAC3D 3D Scan" or just "scan" refers to the process of capturing the visual and spacial information using our specialty camera. "3D Showcase" refers to the online viewing experience and interface that you use to view the 3D scan.
  4. 3D scans are intended to be used as a tool for virtually viewing a space. How you use this tool is up to you. PLAC3D does not make any claim to be able to sell a home more quickly or drive any increased traffic to your site.
  5. While we make every effort to accurately represent the space, there may be minor mismatched areas in the scan that do not represent the space exactly as it is seen in person. Furthermore, color of objects in the scan are not guaranteed to be accurate and should be verified in person.
  6. Scans are "as is" and can not be altered after they are created. Retouching or removing anything from a space is not possible. If, after the scan is complete,  the client determines that there is a necessity to change any part of the scan, then the scan will have to be repeated at an additional cost to the client. For this reason, please use our preparation checklist to ensure that everything is ready prior to the scan. Once the scan has started, changes to the space can not be made or the images will not line up correctly. PLAC3D will scan the space as it is found and does not "stage" or prepare the space as a part of the scan process. Additional costs may apply should the space need to be prepared by the PLAC3D photographer.
  7. 3D showcases are delivered as HTML embed codes and links. It is up to the client to use these codes and share the show as they see fit. PLAC3D does not offer web design services at this time and is not responsible for properly embedding the 3D showcase on your website. A 3D showcase should easily embed into most websites, but proper formatting may require the assistance of an independent web designer.
  8. PLAC3D runs on the Matterport camera system and hosting. Unfortunately, due to the proprietary nature of the technology, all 3D showcases must be hosted by Matterport (via PLAC3D) and can not be downloaded or hosted on your own server. We can deliver the raw .obj file which can be used for creating renderings of the space and 2D floor plans with measurement information. Furthermore, technical problems or downtime to the Matterport hosting servers is possible and PLAC3D can not guarantee that the showcase will be available to view 100% of the time. Any significant issues will be addressed on a case by case basis and may, but do not have to involve a pro-rated refund of the hosting portion of your package.
  9. Any links to external 3rd party sites within the 3D showcase are not endorsed by PLAC3D, nor do we receive any compensation for any traffic to these sites. Unfortunately, at this time, these links and logos can not be removed from the 3D showcase. Any attempt to remove or obscure any part of the showcase through the use of cropping or framing the showcase, or by any other means, violates the terms of service and the showcase may be removed without notice or compensation.
  10. All 3D scans and still images are the intellectual property of PLAC3D and ©Brett Mountain Photography. The scans and images are licensed to the user for an agreed upon time period and may be extended if necessary. Scans and images are only licensed for the agreed upon intended usage. Any additional use must be licensed separately. No 3rd party use or resale of any product (scan or still image) is permitted unless given prior written consent by PLAC3D and/or Brett Mountain Photography.
  11. You may not use our products for any illegal or unauthorized purpose nor may you, in the use of the Service, violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws).
  12. All services must be paid in full prior to the showcase being released. Any delay in full payment will delay the availability of the showcase. Furthermore, any extension to the hosting of the showcase must be payed prior to the expiration of the current hosting package. If extension payment is not received prior to the expiration, then there may be a lapse in the availability of the showcase.
  13. All service and hosting/licensing fees are non-refundable. Should there be any issue of any kind, we will do our best to offer a solution to resolve your problem, but there will be no refunds to fees paid.
  14. Prices for our products are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time. We shall not be liable to you or to any third-party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service. Pricing information may be requested by contacting us with the specific details of your project. Any discount offered may expire without notice and may or may not be extended to other customers.