Birmingham Bachelor Pad

Check out this modern home in Birmingham, Michigan. Fit for a bachelor or young couple, the upstairs "closet" room is not to be missed.

Here, kitty kitty!

During our scan of this beautiful Commerce Township home, the homeowner's cat became a little curious when our camera was spinning around and was captured in one of the scan points. See if you can find him - he's really tiny, but is full grown! Also, we were quite envious of the hot tub right off of the office. Check it out - this is sure to sell quickly.

Midcentury Manse

This Midcentury Modern home is a classic design by architect Irving Tobocman. The current owners have preserved and sensitively updated the space to keep the look of the home consistent with the time period in which it was built. PLAC3D is even able to capture the outdoor spaces through the windows while retaining interior details. Check it out for yourself!

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